I will be starting law school in Cleveland this upcoming Fall 2010.

I finished my undergrad in San Francisco and absolutely loved living in California. SF will always feel like home. I miss the streets in the Castro, the cafes in SOMA, the clubs and especially all my friends there. San Francisco is a city for everyone in every sense. It has amazing architecture, a thriving creative scene, and a club scene I fell in love with.

I was born in South America, but since then I have (obviously) moved around. Because of this – I assume – I have a hard time feeling I belong in any one place, but an easy time finding family and establishing a routine wherever I go. This may sound like the perfect formula for an identity crisis, but I see it more as an opportunity to explore my every “self”.

One of my “selves” says my favorite movie is somewhere between The Devil Wears Prada and Mean Girls, while another one will tell you it lies within the confines of The Matrix and Fight Club. I also have seen Finding Nemo an embarrassing number of times and I own Up and all of the Toy Stories (well, Toy Story 3 is soon to be pre-ordered). And speaking of Identity crises and multiple personalities, my favorite book is The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi, but I’ve read and reread The Picture of Dorian Gray more times than you would believe me. I’ve also read all three of Chelsea Handler‘s books and laughed out loud while reading them – on an airplane. I am open about sushi being my favorite food, but somewhere still in my closet I’m 24 going on 12 and my favorite food is pizza. I am a TV junkie and think the world is a better place because of HBO original series and Showtime. Seriously, what’s a week without vigilante serial killers, southern vampires or a 300 lb. mobster from Jersey? I am against reality TV, but couldn’t help myself when it came to the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Music? Yes please. I DJ and I think the world keeps spinning on it’s axis because “House music is very much alive“. Really. Bad spelling bothers me a whole lot more than it should and bad manners make me want to scream “no more wire haaaangeeers!” I like traveling and airplanes. You should also know that I like Kylie better than I like Madonna, and I love my family and friends very much.


I am a (soon to be) law student. NOT a lawyer. Also, you seriously should not be seeking legal advice from a blog.

Like you, I too am figuring out life as I go; so any and all advice I may offer is likely to be dead wrong.

This Blog is NOT affiliated or endorsed by CWRU or SFSU.

The names (and often the places) used are not real. I use placeholder names that by chance may resemble somebody’s real name but I will never use the name of actual people in my classes. I often use him for her and her for him, this says nothing about how I feel about you individually and is mostly in an effort to blur the gender binary and preserve people’s anonymity. I am honestly NOT trying to offend anyone.

  1. Liz says:

    Smiled thru the whole website, esp. the crutches story of course. It’s a gorgeous site. Speaking of spelling, I have just one word: costumer.
    Hahaha. I love Her’s name being Her. and I can just picture your gym dilemma. Glad it’s not on twitter…we needed a LOT more words to capture it.

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