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Today I went to Coventry Village, which is where I’ve been told most law students hang out. It was nice enough. I didn’t really see any bars, but maybe it was the time. I did find a cool restaurant, Tommy’s, and did most of my reading for Introductory Week while having a dark cherry soda in the bottle. Simple pleasures I say. I took some pictures of Coventry and also of the Ascension Feast in Little Italy that I will upload later.

I like good days, and as a 0L I’ve been trying to make every single day one. I’ve also been trying to put in as many gym hours as possible because it’s highly possible that I will not have time for 2 hour workouts once I start law school. Therefore, I have completed a brutal 12-week program and then moved on to a high intensity muscle-building program. The latter seems to work great with long periods of rest, so I have taken every day since Saturday off. Okay, so maybe that may be a little more rest than necessary, but I actually feel fine. That doesn’t often happen to me. Missing a workout usually brings in me stages of grief. It starts in the morning when at first I don’t know I’m missing it I’m just “postponing it” to the afternoon. At noon, I usually enter the Denial stage and say to myself things like “what’s ONE workout less?” or “it’s SO nice to have a day of not working out.” At 3 pm I start thinking about how empty the gym is, how much I pay per day and how “working out is a privilege not an obligation”. At this time I also start randomly doing push ups. At around 5 pm, when it’s obvious that I’m not going to go (I refuse to go to the gym here when everybody’s just getting out of work) Anger sets in and stays in until I fall asleep, then wake up the next morning and eagerly eat my oatmeal and egg whites before heading out to train like I’ve joined the NOH8 army or something – what. Well, today was not like that at all. In fact, these past four days of not going to the gym haven’t been that way at all, but today was particularly grand.

I started out taking care of some Very Serious Pre-Law-School Business and then headed back home to read a little bit. I read until about 2 pm when Operation Find a Taxi I of the day began. I had told my friend Her that I’d meet her at her orthopedic appointment at 3 pm. It takes about 10 minutes to get from my apartment to the doctor’s office, but I thought I’d get an early start… Well, the Taxi cards begged to differ. After about 45 minutes of trying to get a cab, I finally decided to start walking. I finally found one when I was about three blocks away, but knowing I was already late I thought it would at least get me there before the appointment ended. Well, I was wrong again. I got to the doctor’s office and the secretary told me Her had already left. I peeked out the window and was lucky to see her sitting there, seconds before my phone rang. I ran down the stairs, we met and headed over to the Orthopedic Store to return the Rental Crutches which she’d been using since May. When we got to the store, we were told that in order to reclaim the deposit, we had to head to the store they had been originally rented from. And so I engage in the extreme sport that is crossing a street in this city with a person who has just reclaimed the power to walk and make it the six blocks to the “original store”. When we attempt to return them we are greeted by Incompetence. We give them back the crutches, and after 15 minutes of waiting around I approach the cashier and ask her what’s going on. She then proceeds to summon all five people working at the store and they all reach a verdict: “Your total comes to 37x, would you like us to deduct it from your deposit?” Uhm, WHAT?!? The original deposit was 30x, and I was told (and it was WRITTEN on my invoice) that renting them was 5x/month. It’s been exactly two months and seven days since I came to pick them up so how could it POSSIBLY be 37x??? Well, we were informed right then and there that 5x is apparently the monthly rate “for the first month”. Well, that makes complete sense… We say we’ll pay 5x plus whatever pro-rated fee they’ve decided on for the extra seven days, and we are met by the cashier saying she must call the DIRECTOR. The Director comes and tells us they tell absolutely every costumer that the monthly rate of 5x only applies to the first month, after that they charge at .9x/day. I was of course never told such a thing, because even if I haven’t yet made Fortune 500 I do have use of common sense when it comes to basic Home Economics and that would have certainly upset my High School Art teacher – who also taught Home Ec. Well, the Director tells us she’ll have to call her SUPERVISOR on the phone, and as she dials the other five store assistants hover around her, because apparently speaking to her is a five person job. Well, she gets off the phone and tells us that this has NEVER happened before and repeats that EVERY costumer is warned about how their “monthly” rate isn’t monthly at all, in spite of the written invoice clearly stating the opposite. Her goes on to lecture the Director on Costumer Service – “WHAT?!?”. The Director listens and then offers her closing argument, after us having stood there for almost an hour, thereby indicating that we have no intention to leave without the Deposit: she is “willing” to give us the deposit money back and charge a monthly 5x. Uhm, well her willingness is what I call “good disposition”..?

So, the title of this post isn’t intended to be sarcastic at all. It actually was a good day. The deposit was recovered and a celebratory cheeseburger with a side of beer and fries was had, followed by a little shopping and walking 30 blocks in the rain. All in all a good 0L summer day where the absurd reigned, because really, that’s what life’s about… I think?